There are so many talented planners in Chicago who all happen to have an eye for detail, supreme organizational skills, and are well-connected throughout the industry. Every company has it's own unique style, way of building relationships, and experience in bringing special events to life.

So, with so many qualified people out there how do you know who's right for you? 

Finding a professional you can trust to be honest, celebrate the REAL you, and design an event that isn't cookie-cutter is truly a game-changer! Sustainable Soirées not only produces events that are innovative and unique with each couple but make a difference by lowering your carbon footprint and giving back to the global community near and far. 

You'll know you're our client if these statements resonate with you...

Looking for the perfect event planner? 

The Sustainable soirées Client ⟶

Hiring Sustainable Soirées was hands down the best decision we made. I highly recommend their services to any couple
-Chloe F. 

Best way to sum it up: perfection down to every detail
-Tyle D.

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