Ready to book?

05. You value guest comfort

06. you're laid-back in spirit, but you're also organized, timely, and ready to follow a process that is tried-and-true

01. Find a leader to navigate the chaos, provide straightforward guidance, and be honest with you

02. trust your leader to narrow down your options so you can cross it off your list and move on

03. have an absolute blast! parties, pretty things, and Tastings? yes, please! 

04. make vendor friends along the way

01. zero stress
02. no family or friend worker bees

04. you're respectful, kind, and gracious to everyone you meet

03. leaving the planet a better place than you found it is important to you

 02. you're so over the cookie-cutter look. let's create our own pinterest photos instead of copying others!

01. you'd rather backstroke your way across lake michigan than diy your way through planning your event

You're a Sustainable Soirées client if: 

Your planning goals

event day goals