We receive dozens of inquiries every week and many of them are from couples who are just price shopping. Our base prices are listed on our website for transparency, but certain factors (listed in the answer to question 8) may increase the price of our services. In order to provide an accurate quote, it's important for us to speak with you to learn more about your vision, goals, and needs.

 If you're willing to get a phone call with one of our planners, it means that you like what you see from us and you're serious about booking. We only accept a certain number of clients each year, so we want to make sure that the clients we book are the right fit for us. Just as you are interviewing us, we're interviewing you too!


Why do we have to get on a phone call with you in order to receive a proposal? 

The starting price for our packages includes the base services listed. Many of our couples build custom collections based on their individual event needs and we can absolutely work with you to put together a list of services that will give you the help you need within your budget. 

Things that may raise our prices include having more than 10 vendors or multiple venues for an event, having a large guest count, tricky logistics, elaborate decorations or DIY projects to be completed by our team, or add-ons such as planning for other wedding weekend events, wedding day attendants, stationery management (if not full-service), or anything requiring extra staffing or services not already included in your collection.


What does it mean when your collections say "investments start at"?

Our pricing is structured in a way that includes the minimum level of service we feel is needed to ensure a smooth and streamlined process for both our clients and ourselves. Lowering the price point would require removing elements from your package, which wouldn’t set us up for success on your wedding day. 

When it comes to whether we'll ask for discounts from other wedding professionals on your behalf, the answer is no. Our job is to match you with vendors that fit your budget from the very start. In order to receive the best possible service from them, they need to feel valued and when you ask for a discount it communicates to them that you don't think they're worth what they're asking for, assuming you know what it costs to run their business. Furthermore, we have close relationships with the vendors in our market that require nurturing and respect, and asking for a discount would put is in an unfavorable position with them.


Do you offer discounts and will you get us discounts from vendors?

We primarily serve the Chicago area and surrounding states for two reasons: 
1. We believe in building strong relationships with vendors we can work with often versus always expanding our network elsewhere. This creates consistency for both us and our couples. 
2. As a sustainable company, it wouldn't make sense for us to contribute to the air pollution flying around the country. Instead, we focus on supporting our local economy and traveling typically no more than 120 miles. 


How far will you travel for our event? 

We are grateful to have hundreds of connections in the Chicago area that allows us to recommend vendors to our couples based on budget, style, and availability. We always prioritize recommending sustainable or eco-friendly vendors as it is a core part of our values. We are also a member of the Green Wedding Alliance and prioritize recommending other GWA members. We do not accept kickbacks from vendors. We work with vendors at various price points, so if you're concerned about your budget just know that we can find the right fit for you! 

As certified wedding planners, we hold ourselves and the people we associate ourselves with to a higher standard. We will only work with vendors we have vetted and approve of before accepting new clients or recommending their services to you to ensure you have a team of wedding pros with proven track records, excellent communication skills, and professionalism. 


How do you decide which vendors to recommend? 

We have two options that would be a good fit for couples looking for "day-of" services: 1) Premium and 2) Essential Wedding Management both allow couples to do the majority, if not all, of planning. Premium is great for couples who want to do all of the planning, but would like professional guidance to ensure they're doing it right and not missing anything. Essential is great for couples who don't want the planner to step in until the very end to wrap it all up and run the wedding day. If you're not sure which would be right for you or if you have additional questions about the differences send us an email at hello@sustainablesoirees.com and we'd be happy to clarify anything for you!


Do you offer "day-of" services?

Our company has five core values: using 100% recycled paper and encouraging our clients do the same, working with eco-friendly vendors, making creative design choices, composting and repurposing flowers, and staying local to reduce our carbon footprint. This is just a starting point, however! 


Sustainability is important to us. How do you make weddings eco-friendly? 

For full-service clients, it's up to you! Our goal is to take as much off of your plate as possible by understanding your wishes and building a close, trusting partnership so that we can be your advocate throughout planning and on the wedding day.


My fiance and I have demanding jobs. How much involvement will you expect from us?

Each planner takes on around 20 weddings per year, about 2 per month, and only one per weekend. This number allows us to remain attentive and emotionally available to each of our couples during planning and on the wedding weekend.


How many weddings do you plan per year, month, and weekend?

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from our past clients

HIGHLY recommend Sustainable Soirées and Bristol for any event planning! Bristol is so organized and experienced with weddings. She truly made the whole process seamless for us and thought of every little details so we wouldn't have to. Everyone told me I was the most relaxed bride they've ever seen and that was all because of Bristol. During the planning process, I could text/email Bristol with my questions and she would always respond so quickly. She helped us with our ceremony rehearsal and most importantly made sure everything ran smoothly the day of. Her team always let me know that they were there if I ever needed support. I had the whole team bustling my dress at one point! Most importantly, Bristol is such a sweet and kind person, which is what you need for your wedding. 10/10 would recommend her to anyone I know!   

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you have done for us. Sustainable Soirées was absolutely amazing to work with and your team did an unbelievable job the day of the wedding! Everything looked more than perfect and you made my vision come to life even better than I could have imagined. Thank you for eveything. We are so appreciative of what you did for us and for our day. Especially me - you made my life so much easier! THANK YOU.

We were so happy we hired Sustainable Soirées for our wedding. They handled all the craziness of a COVID wedding with such ease that we felt at ease. They recommended the BEST vendors that completely made our day. We could not have done it without them!

The Sustainable Soirées team was amazing! They helped turn our dream wedding into reality. Not a detail was missed. They had everything under control every step of the way and made the entire day happen flawlessly. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with them for one of the most memorable days of our lives.

Hiring Sustainable Soirées was hands down the best decision we made! I had so many ideas for my wedding and no clue on what to do with them or how to organize everything so when Sustainable Soirées swooped in and took over, they really saved the day and made our experience so much more enjoyable. And our wedding turned out fabulous! We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend their services to any couple.

Bristol helped us plan a wedding better than we ever imagined. We worked with her throughout COVID to plan each aspect of the wedding and then she executed on that vision perfectly with her day-of event coordination. She made what is a very stressful and hectic day an easier one that let us really celebrate and be in the moment.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with how Bristol helped us plan and execute the wedding of our dreams turning our vague inspiration into a cohesive and gorgeous vision. Bristol was quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had and also helped resolve any vendor issues that arose, all while remaining professional and pleasant. Planning a wedding is stressful and Bristol was a calming presence every step of the way. Working with Bristol gave us so much confidence that we were making the right decisions and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. She helped connect us to other sustainably-minded vendors. We would highly recommend Bristol and the team at Sustainable Soirees!